Sunday, October 28, 2007

Jungle Jim and the Thumbnail Apocalypse

In anticipation of starting a new portfolio, I've been drawing a crapload of thumbnails. I tried to keep the file sizes fairly small, but large enough to pick out what's going on.

These are the picks of the litter as far as character drawings go. Some of them are based on D&D adventure characters, others are more archetypal like "barbarian" and "death priest". Things like that.

These are two pieces of equipment I sketched out for that horned guy with the wavy sword (which is actually my friend Sean's D&D character, along with the birdman Phil plays) in the character sketches. The helmet is stolen in parts from the cover art for the late Robert Jordan's "The Great Hunt". The character has a devil theme, so I wanted to play with that a lot by making his visor the face of some fiendish creature and since the character himself has horns, the helmet should accomodate them and take them into consideration. On the right is a shield design that's far too complicated to use in any real sense, but on its own I like it. I used an existing monster (the bearded devil) as a design inspiration, since the character is a soldier himself and those guys fill a similar role in the Infernal hierarchy.

Here are some scenes I've sketched out. The left is a guy building himself a Flesh Golem (basically, Frankenstein's Monster) in his alchemical lab. The right is a monk (Shaolin style, not Friar Tuck style) punching goblins. You get those fuckers, buddy.

And, finally this is a sketch for a location: a collapsed Moathouse with a winding road.

There you go.

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Chari =0) said...

I love how you are so expressive and energetic with charcoal sketches, which manage to look simultaneously and equally quick and detailed. You're awesome, man!