Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I remember you were reckless, you were hungry, you were real.

This is the first of (what I hope to be) several drawings headed to the SQFT gallery in Nashville, TN for the Christmas "Cash and Carry" show. I think I still need to work on it, since I'm not happy with her face and you can't tell what he's got in his mouth at this size. I photograph everything crooked.

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Chari =0) said...

I love this concept!! I really like her face. The only thing that really seems off to me is his lower body. His legs seem to be positioned well, but something isn't quite right.. I think his left leg (our viewing right) is a little too short. And yeah, can't see what's in his mouth.

It should be amazing finished though!!! I love her the way she is though, so don't do anything too crazy!