Sunday, September 16, 2007


These are the "finished" versions of the sketches I put up. They were due yesterday. Acrylic wash on watercolor paper. I'm probably going to go back into them, since the big long one really needs some more warms and the tall one needs more contrast. Still figuring out what I'm doing with these.

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Marguerite Dabaie said...

The group shot totally looks better like that. It looks like you weeded out some of those pillars, right? It seems more balanced to me. But I think contrast in both would totally help them. Your guys kind of get lost in the white of the paper. But you have that good, dark pillar right in the foreground that commands your attention, I don't think it would be too out of place if you added a few more darker shadows here and there.
You second one is really great. It isn't terribly dark either but it's more balanced and feels more "atmospheric" and fog-like. And your guy doesn't get lost at all.

My thoughts are extremely disjointed today... sorry.