Monday, September 17, 2007

Book Art

I want to post here, but with my own website and deviant art page, I don't want to be redundant! However...I dunno, I like this picture enough to post it up again. So sorry if anyone's already seen this!

The couple is out of my favorite books from middle school, "The Immortal's Quartet" by Tamora Pierce. Yeah, I've always been a giant fantasy nerd. If it looks a bit yellow, it's because I colored it on my laptop.


Marguerite Dabaie said...

I'd prefer if you put stuff up on here that you put on deviantart, because I never go on that thing so I never see what people do on there.
You do a good job with computer work. Did you draw it with the tablet as well?

Laura Wilson said...

Nooooo, I hate actually drawing with a tablet, except for doodling. I feel like I have very little control. I'm totally dependent on it for coloring and editing though!

Marguerite Dabaie said...

Okay, I need to ask you: You don't have to get very specific, but how do you color? Because I'm just starting to go into the realm of photoshop-coloring and I can't seem to figure out how to give the colors the nice, crisp lines that you have without making them look wobbly. So I resort to using the much looser brush, which is okay sometimes, but I'd like to know another technique.
Also, did you use a gradient mask on it?

Laura Wilson said...

If you'd like, I can send you the uncompressed, high res version of this? It's a little hard to explain without actually showing. As for smooth lines, that really just comes from getting in reaaaaal close and being careful. I usually start very loose and wobbly just to get shadows down, and then go in close and clean everything up. The gradients come from very large airbrush strokes on a 'darken' layer. I think. Then I just erase wherever I don't want the gradient.

You can also find a bunch of really nice coloring tutorials on deviantart (yes there are actually useful, porn-free things on that site!)