Monday, December 10, 2007

It's a trap!!

I'm mostly posting this here for Margo-my-dear. I started it ages ago and finished it up for the NY Anime Fest, which turned out to be not all that awesome, but oh well.

I'm not happy with the stars, and I might also change the light behind Ness's bat.


James Keegan said...

Love the concept. I'm not crazy about how Ness' head is sitting on his shoulders or how it fits between his arms. Kind of hard to figure out with the more cartoony-looking head (believe me, I know; stupid goblins and their football-shaped heads).

Those Cute Lil' UFOs always drive me nuts; I blame them and their rays when I get night-time stuffiness. A few of them need pink bows, by my estimation.

James Keegan said...

Oh, wait, there is a pink bow. My bad.

You know what else would be good?

A "Pokey Strikes Back!" poster. Or something with Master Belch.

Because James + Master Belch = BFF.